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Car Park Cleaning at Lonza Biologics, Slough

by | Jun 9, 2016 | News and Events

car park cleaningRamora currently carry out deep cleaning for the car park at the Lonza Biologics base in Slough, Berkshire. To ensure that the car park remains clean and presentable throughout the year, we carry out 6 deep cleans a year, using state of the art steam cleaning technology.

Whilst the multi-storey car park is sheltered by roofs, it is still open to the elements to an extent as it is not completely built in at the sides, allowing natural light in at each level. The problem with a car park that is open to the elements is that that it can get dirty at a quicker pace for a combination of reasons.

035The elements are able to enter the car park, leading to the build-up of dirt, grime and damp; however, this is not the biggest problem that the open build faces. Birds are able to fly in and out as they please and the car park has become a popular place for birds to roost and nest away from the wind and rain. As a result, guano is a serious problem in the car park.

Bird pest problems can be a real pain, causing a lot of mess to the floor, roof and wall surfaces of the car park and leaving it looking unsightly. However, guano forms a much bigger problem than this as it can be a hygiene risk for staff and visitors to Lonza Biologics; it can be a serious health hazard, increasing the risk of diseases that are spread in the droppings.

car park cleaningWe blast away the built up guano, dirt and grime from the car park by means of high powered pressure steam cleaning. Not only does this provide an efficient cleaning method, but it is also environmentally friendly and less likely to cause damage to the car park than using powerful chemicals.

We are glad to provide regular services to Lonza Biologics to ensure that staff, clients and other visitors enjoy a much more pleasant and safer visit.

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