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Car Park Cleaning – Lonza Biologics, Slough

by | Jan 4, 2017 | News and Events

car park cleaningAt Ramora we are highly flexible in the provision of our services, being able to deliver whatever the client needs in terms of cleaning. Some clients choose to use us when they have a problem with dirt or mess and of course we are happy to come along and sort out the problem. However, for many clients it is useful to have our services regularly – to keep on top of things and ensure that their site stays clean all year round.

car park cleaning servicesLonza is one such client. With a large office in Slough, this organisation has a purpose-built site with its own staff and client car park. It is important to Lonza that the car park is kept clean. Its structure makes it prone to visits from birds and subsequently means that it is prone to bird guano which is both unhygienic and unsightly. With people parking up and walking into their prestigious offices it is not acceptable that guano may be walked in on the sole of people’s shoes, creating mess within the building.

car park cleanAt Ramora we have years of experience in guano removal and so we were a natural choice for Lonza to hire. We now visit every two months to keep the issue under control. We provide what we call a deep clean. It does exactly that – gets into every part of the car park and thoroughly cleanses it. Leaving the car park in great condition, our regular visits do not allow enough time for the bird mess to build up. As a specialist car park cleaning service, our cleaning methods are comprehensive. We do not only look at the floor when we visit a car park, we look at the walls, ceilings, pillars and metalwork too. Using steam cleaning techniques we can clean up everything in sight.

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