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Car Park Marking

Car Park Marking, Lining, Cleaning, Restoration, Painting & Tarmac Restoration Services throughout the UK

Car Park Marking Services

Ramora are experienced in the line marking of open car parks, multi-story car parks and underground car parks.

Our lining technicians use specialist equipment and materials such as thermoplastic, MMA or epoxy resin sprays to carry out a full range of line marking to our client’s specification. Alternatively, we can provide you with recommendations dependent on the surface type.

We specialise in straight, parallel white and yellow lined parking spaces. We carry out car park line marking for both child bays and disabled bays (in any colour) as well as standard regulation floor signs and symbols.

There are variety of colours you can choose from and our team of experts are available to help you decide upon the best ones to suit your local facility please make any requests to our installers prior to our visit.

Many car parks across the UK have a one-way system to ensure the safety of their customers. We can paint arrows to direct the drivers around the car park to prevent any collisions occurring as well as to highlight EXIT signs.

If you’d like to discuss a re-mark or a new design, simply send us your details via our contact form and we will get back to you with all the car park road markings we may install and the pricing.

For any further information on car park marking please contact us

Tesco Hinkley Road, Leicester

Project: Road Markings of Car Park

Tesco Extra, based in Reading

Project: Road Markings of Car Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we install Line Marking Paints?
Car park line marking can be customised to meet your specific requirements. For example, if you need road marking for a school car park, then you can include a pedestrian walkway and names for staff members such as Staff, Headmaster etc.

Each space will be measured out accurately, ensuring that we utilise the maximize number of parking bays required whilst maintaining neatness and professionalism. Floor paint will only be applied where it is meant to be, and the line-marking paint used will be of heavy-duty and long-lasting.

What other places do you install line marking paint?
Line marking is not just for car parks. We use floor paint and line marking on almost any concrete, tarmac, block pavement, tarmac concrete, metal or ceramic surfaces.

Hatched areas
Parent and child parking bays
Accessible parking spaces
Safe pedestrian walkways

Car parks, including multi-storey and underground parking
Warehouse bays
Pedestrian and cycleways
Factory floor markings

Contact Ramora

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Key Benefits

  • Prevents Accidents
  • Helpful Marking to make it easier to park
  • Show pedestrians where they can cross safely
  • Appearance and cleanliness are important post covid