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Deep Clean at The Bridgewater Hall Manchester

by | Dec 5, 2018 | News and Events

Located in the northwest of England is Manchester. Home to more than 510,746 (2011) people, rich in cultural heritage and famous for its dynamic city and renowned football teams.

In the centre you will find The Bridgewater Hall, an international concert venue hosting more than 250 performances a year in a variety of genres, including classical, rock, jazz, pop and world music.

The Bridgewater Hall runs a busy schedule, programming their own classical music season and being home to three resident orchestras: Manchester Camerata, Halle and BBC Philharmonic.

Currently, the hall is managed by one of the world’s largest international venue operators: SMG Europe Holdings Limited, who also cover Whitley Bay Playhouse, York Barbican and Scunthorpe’s Plowright Theatre and Baths Hall.

The Deep Clean at Bridgewater Hall

With such a prestigious venue, it is important to maintain a reputable image for visitors travelling from near and afar. A pristine building both inside and outside contributes to the experience that The Bridgewater Hall hopes to provide its guests and therefore requires a routine deep clean.

On the venue’s exterior, we began by skating the floor space with 100 degree steam to help lift and wash away dirt without causing any damage to the pavements. Using purely steam, we provide a completely chemical free procedure that presents an absolute minimal level of damage to the environment.

The high degree steam also allowed us to easily remove stubborn chewing gum that had been disregarded and pressed onto the pavements from continuous heavy footfall.

Washing away the remaining dirt and grime left us with a clear, refreshed pavement. Carrying out a deep clean also helped the pavement slabs to show their original colours a lot more clearly after removing layers of dirt.

Bridgewater Hall



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Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

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