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Deep Cleaning Programme for Retail Birmingham – Part Two

by | Jul 20, 2016 | News and Events

As the 2nd most populous city in England behind London, the footfall in the City Centre is very high. As a result, the paving stones in the busiest streets quickly become dirty and discoloured. We were commissioned by Retail Birmingham to help revitalise some of the busiest shopping streets to provide a cleaner city for all visitors.

deep cleaningWhilst there are numerous retail outlets and bars on Lower Temple Street itself, its vicinity to one of the main entrances to New Street Station and Grand Central shopping centre mean that it is a popular thorough-fair with a very high footfall. As a result, the street quickly becomes dirty and is affected by chewing gum, food and litter that is dropped by pedestrians in the area.

street cleanUsing high pressure water jetting cleaning equipment such as the Falch skater, our teams are able to intensively clean up to 1000 square metres in a shift. As a result, we were able to carry out a complete street clean for Lower Temple Street with an absolute minimal level of disruption. As this is a busy retail area, we carried out all work over night, outside of the opening hours of commercial premises in the area.

After a night of intense deep cleaning, we are proud to have returned the paving tiles of Lower Temple to their original colour, having removed the built up layers of dirt and grime.

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