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Deep Cleanse and Oil Clearance in the Heart of Manchester

by | Feb 6, 2018 | News and Events

We’re delighted to have completed an important clean up project in the area around a large event venue in the North West of England.

The team at Ramora were contracted to perform a deep cleanse operation on the cobbles that surround the entrance of the Castlefield Arena in central Manchester, including the clearance of oil damage caused by a vehicle leak.

Castlefield Arena deep clean

This project presented a number of challenges, requiring not only the removal on ingrained dirt, chewing gum and oil spillage but also the problematic build up of algae owing to the venue’s proximity to Manchester’s famous canal basin.

deep clean castlefield arena

The area surrounding the venue does not benefit from a great amount of natural light, so greenery spreads quickly, with algae on walkways making surfaces a considerable health and safety hazard, especially in the autumn and winter months when the pathway is particularly slippery.

deep cleaning
Our team deep cleaned the area using high-tech floor skating equipment, with 100 degree pressured steam used to blast away dirt and oil residue and break down the build up of algae. The operation was a great success, with the affected area left looking clean, clear and as good as new.

castlefield arena deep cleaning
These works were performed as part of our long term partnership with Manchester City Council, for whom we have a dedicated team contracted to perform nightly deep clean operations across the UK’s third largest city.


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