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Extensive Chewing Gum Removal on Horsefair Street, Leicester

by | Dec 15, 2016 | News and Events

We recently carried out extensive cleaning services on Horsefair Street in Leicester City Centre, on behalf of Leicester City Centre. As a busy road that is home to Leicester Town Hall, as well as many well-known retailers and banks, Horsefair Street sees high volumes of pedestrian footfall and vehicle traffic. As a result, over time, dirt, grime and pollution from traffic have discoloured the paving stones.


In addition to generally dirty pavements, discarded chewing gum is also a big problem on Horsefair Street. However, using our pressure steam generating equipment, we are able to tackle even the most contaminated street surfaces. Our team of street cleaning operatives are highly experience and are able to determine the ideal combination of steam temperature and pressure to blast away the hardened gum that has been trodden into the pavement.


By contacting us, Leicester City Council were able to avoid any COSHH issues or environmental implications. Ramora are proud to carry out all street cleaning services without the use of chemicals, using only steam. This ensures that street surfaces are not only cleaned and returned to their original colour, but paving stones are not damaged and people in the area are safe from any hazardous substances.


Although we were covering a large area, we were able to complete our extensive street cleaning and chewing gum removal without causing much disruption to businesses, pedestrians or drivers in the area. Following a full street wash, Horsefair Street was left looking much cleaner and more inviting for shoppers in the area. The intricate paving designs are able to stand out much more after a thorough clean and seal.


If you have any questions about street cleaning or chewing gum removal, or wish to make an enquiry you can call Ramora today on 0844 800 2428.

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