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Fogging Cleaning

Fogging Cleaning Services

  • Since 2006 we have been cleaning the UK’s biggest cities, businesses and petrol forecourts.
  • Ramora FS operates across the whole of the UK including Ireland.
  • Ramora FS undertake decontamination, sanitisation and deep cleaning to all external areas and surfaces.
  • Decontamination is undertaken with a low concentration of sodium hypochlorite and LAO creating a foam.
  • The foam is then sanitised with steam breaking up any remaining chemical due to the heat.
  • Sanitisation at 100 degrees also is a second defence to against any remaining virus.
  • Decontamination, sanitisation delivers a virus-free sterile environment post the deep clean.
  • Our process does NOT cause misting sanitiser in the air; which is ineffective.
  • World Health Organisation “COVID 19 may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days – depends on the type of surface droplets land on and temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.
  • IMPORTANT: Customers, businesses and front line staff are given confidence that their environment is being protected by the process of decontamination & sanitisation.
  • Ramora FS has the capability to undertake the work at any time through the day or week to suit the client’s needs – 24/7, 365.

Advantages and Benefits – HSE, Machinery & Capability

  • Falch T30 – steam pressure washer delivers water above 100 degrees.
  • We can decontaminate through the lance creating foam.
  • In line with government guidelines, the teams operate on a loan worker basis one person per van and ensure safe social distancing in the work area.
  • Vans and machines have GPS trackers so we know exactly where our people are and need to go.
  • Used with safety spark arrestors and chalwyn valves for the petroleum industry.
  • Ramora FS operates a fleet of 8 of these machines nationally in the UK for their clients.
  • Ramora FS has 20 years’ experience deep cleaning two of Europe’s largest cities.

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