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From Slippery to Safe – Canal Tow Path Cleaning in Manchester

by | May 9, 2017 | News and Events

The Ramora team regularly encounter deep cleaning jobs that involve a lot more than simply washing away dirt that has built up over time and our recent work on the canal tow path behind Bridgewater Hall in Manchester was certainly one of these occasions.

deep street cleaning

With the area being next to the water, canal tow paths are very prone to algae, moss and weeds. Not only does this leave the path looking unclean, but it can also lead to safety issues. Over time, as algae builds up, concrete walkways can become very slippery, particularly during the winter months when it is wetter and colder. To prevent people from slipping down steps or into the canal, regular cleaning is essential. We were tasked with solving this issue.

Falch floor skater

With considerable experience in tackling algae and dirt on walkways near water, we were able to quickly devise the ideal solution to leave the canal tow paths and stairs leading down to the path looking clean and tidy.

deep street cleaning

Using our specialist imported pressure steam generating equipment and dialling in the perfect combination of temperature and pressure, we were able to blast away all slippery, unsightly algae and return the paving stones to their original colour. Our Falch floor skater system allows us to deep clean as many as 1,000 square meters in a single shift. To remove even the most stubborn algae, weeds and green stains, we floor skated the area slowly with 100 degree steam.

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