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Graffiti Removal for The Urban Exchange Area, Manchester

by | Apr 20, 2016 | News and Events

With experience and expertise in a range of graffiti removal and building cleaning services, the Ramora team continuously provide bi-monthly graffiti removal for The Urban Exchange area, in Manchester Piccadilly. We have delivered this service for the past two years for Abbey Construction Consultants Ltd, quickly and effectively cleaning the area in order to maintain the attractive appeal of this part of the city’s canal basin and its busy shopping complex.

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The Urban Exchange, designed by the renowned Manchester architect Ian Simpson, is conveniently based at the edge of Manchester city centre as part of the Piccadilly Basin, and with a heavy footfall it has become a notorious hotspot for graffiti. The 120,000sqft shopping development was part of a regeneration project to transform the historic area, making it important to upkeep a clean, hygienic and pleasant appearance for the many people that use it. Additionally, the site is on a busy major traffic route and just minutes from Piccadilly Train Station, so we need to make sure we remove any unsightly graffiti quickly to preserve the character and reputation of the city.

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IMG_2561In our recent project for the client, the water running through the canal basin and the amount of cleaning needed, inhibited the use of chemicals to remove the graffiti around the area. The use of chemicals could present health and safety risks to both our staff and the public, environmental risks to the area and damage the surfaces of the Exchange building and structures being cleaned. We specialise in environmentally-friendly, non-chemical graffiti cleaning solutions, offering a fast and effective service whilst preserving a surface’s integrity.

IMG_2569In order to remove the numerous graffiti stains on the different surfaces, we used a combination of steam and sand. The machinery we use helps the steam reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Celsius, negating the need for chemicals and providing a quality cleaned finish organically. We always keep safety at the forefront of our cleaning, ensuring that the methods we used for the Piccadilly Basin were appropriate for the surfaces being cleaned and were safe for the surrounding public.

We successfully removed graffiti from several main parts of the development, with minimal disruption to passers-by. The project has greatly improved the appearance of the area for the public and helped to sustain the pleasant, welcoming impression of the city centre’s popular shopping feature.

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