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Retail Cleaning Services

The maintenance and upkeep of any premises is vital, even more so as we head towards the reopening of non-essential retail premises as well as workers re-joining their main place of work. 

We understand every commercial property from retail businesses, offices, industrial parks and leisure centres. We are the UK’s number one Industrial Cleaning company for post refurbishment cleaning.

The bricks and mortar of your building is the first physical impression that customers have of your business, we ensure it’s clean and to the standards that are expected. It’s a well-known fact clean shops nurture more custom, repeat customers and a positive word of mouth. 

The government’s focus is to ensure all buildings abide by cleanliness in places of work!

We can provide cleaning services to the exterior of the building ensuring they are refurbished to council or landlords’ tenancy agreements. For interior sanitisation requirements, Ramora specialises in –  and utilises – the CLOROX® TOTAL 360 which combats the COVID-19 virus, common colds & Flu’s.

With the more recent news that by the end of June the UK will re-open again for business we can ensure your store, office or shopping centre is made safe and clean and ready when the lockdown is lifted. Ensuring it’s an enjoyable place to work and COVID free.  We are able to carry out-of-hours cleaning to pedestrian areas and large shopping centres to minimise disruption.

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