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Lonza Biologics and the Case of the Regular Guano Removal

by | Mar 3, 2017 | News and Events

We have many clients that use us for regular cleaning and maintenance work in high traffic areas or those especially prone to the elements. One of the latter scenarios is something experienced by Lonza Biologics in Slough, who we visit every three months to ensure their outdoor car park is kept clean and pristine.

Earlier this year we posted a case study on that very site showing you the before and after photos.

Air pollution can cause discolouration and leave a residue on surfaces that make the building or surface area unsightly and dirty, so it is important to regularly clean surfaces that are exposed to this. However, whilst air pollution does a building no favours, nothing looks worse that a layer of bird droppings, which are known as guano. In addition to being a health hazard, if this detritus is left for too long it can also cause costly damage, which of course, businesses are keen to avoid. Luckily, a deep clean is the best method for removing guano, and a quarterly repeat keeps potential damage at bay.

Having undertaken this routine cleaning work for Lonza Biologics for some time now, we are happy to report that our results have been first class – the car park continues to look in tip top condition, and is a place the company can be proud of. If you have a high traffic or exposed area that requires a regular deep clean then contact our team at Ramora for more information.

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