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More Deep Cleaning in Nuneaton Town Centre

by | Jul 5, 2017 | News and Events

We recently completed a 6 week deep cleansing programme on behalf of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council. We worked all over the busiest parts of Nuneaton town centre, helping to restore the pavements of the streets with the highest footfall.

One of the streets that was particularly in need of deep cleaning was Newdegate street, which is home to a number of busy bars and restaurants, as well as shops and banks. Understandably, this stretch is busy day and night, with footfall especially heavy at the weekend. As a result, over time, layers of stubborn dirt and grime had built up on the pavements, leaving them much darker and dirtier in colour than originally.

In addition to discoloured paving stones, as is usually the case in busy town centres, we were also faced with very high levels of chewing gum that had been trodden into the pavement over time, leaving it practically impossible to remove without the help of specialist equipment.

Luckily, our teams have access to high performance steam cleaning equipment and were able to tackle all stubborn stains along Newdegate street. Using a combination of 100 degree steam with the perfect amount of pressure, we were able to return the red, brown and sand coloured paving stones to their intended colour, blasting away all chewing gum in the process.

Using our Falch skater steam cleaning system, we can cover as many as 1000 square metres in a single shift, without the need to use chemicals. Pairing the right amount of pressure with high temperature steam lifts all dirt and debris without the need for chemical help and is much kinder on the environment.

As experts in street cleaning, the Ramora team regularly work with local councils and BIDs throughout the country. For more information, call 0844 800 2428 and be sure to browse case studies of our recent projects.

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