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Paving the Way for Shoppers at Arndale Shopping Centre

by | Mar 6, 2018 | News and Events

Located in the heart of Manchester, Arndale Shopping Centre is a haven for all shopping enthusiasts out there. Known as one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, Arndale is filled with a variety of fashion-forward and lifestyle retailers and tempting food outlets.

With something for everyone, Arndale attracts 41 million visitors annually, bringing a swarm of footfall and busy vehicles along with it. Ramora visits Arndale once a month to assist with the heavy crowds by providing first-class cleaning services to keep public spaces fresh for future shoppers.

arndale shopping centre

As you can see, this entrance in particular was suffocated by heavy soiling, caused by delivery wagons throughout the day. Leaving the roadworks appearing dull and concealed, clouding over necessary road caution signs.

arndale shopping centre

The team skated 100-degree steam along the entrance to allow the dirt to be lifted from the concrete and washed away, bringing highlighted areas back to life.

To provide the most convenience for both the centre’s staff and visitors, Ramora completed the clean throughout the night, to avoid interference with day-time traffic.

Arndale has partnered with Ramora over the last few years to ensure the face of their shopping centre is kept to the highest of standards. In the past Ramora have visited to remove grime and dirt from Arndale’s surrounding paving, to keep the land attractive to shoppers.

For further details on Ramora’s car park cleaning services, visit their website.

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