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Positive Press for our Recent Work for Retail BID

by | Apr 16, 2019 | News and Events

We were very happy to get some positive press earlier this month after undertaking work on behalf of Retail BID. With the world’s largest Primark store poised to open in Birmingham on the 11th April, the Ramora team were tasked with providing a deep clean around the newly-cleared frontage of the store.

Birmingham city centre features many busy pedestrianised streets, which can get dirty, however, the building work at the new Primark store had left the surrounding walkways extremely dirty, so we were asked to provide intense street cleaning services to help the area look its best ahead of the Primark opening day.

street cleaning

As Birmingham City Centre is a very busy area in the day, it was important that we carried out our street cleaning services overnight in order to prevent disruption to nearby businesses and pedestrians in the area. Two members of our team, Jay Adderley and Richard Wood worked through the night for two nights running to leave 80,000 square feet of paving looking as good as new.

Working in major cities around the UK, our team provide regular street cleaning services in many busy areas to help maintain the streets. Regular cleaning services also help to make life easier for our operatives as leaving pavements for a long time can make our work much more difficult if dirt is allowed to build up.

As building work on the new Primark store took some time, our team were faced with plenty of stubborn grime to deal with.

Richard Wood said: “Our work is a lot easier if an area is cleaned often. Leaving it this long makes it much harder to do.”

Street Cleaning Retail BID

Whilst pavements naturally get dirty from high levels of foot traffic, one of the major problems we face is the amount of chewing gum that is discarded and trodden into the paving. To get rid of tricky gum, we use a floor skating system that heats and scrapes away gum as it is moved along the paving, reaching temperatures of as high as 100°C.

Once chewing gum is removed, our teams can begin to wash away the dirt and grime using high pressure steam cleaning lances, which are fed water through the nearest fire hydrant and then sprayed at high pressures and temperatures.

Street Cleaning Birmingham

Following our work around the new Primark, our regular client Retail BID were delighted with the results in this popular shopping area of Birmingham.

Retail BID manager Steve Hewlett said: “I can’t believe the difference.

“We are trying to make the city grime and gum free and the idea is to stay on top of it.

“We want a clean, welcoming environment in the city.”


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