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Ramora Working at Height

by | Sep 16, 2015 | News and Events

At Ramora, we have more than 10 years of experience in providing expert cleaning services for buildings of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we have built up a very varied building cleaning portfolio including shops, motor dealerships, schools and universities, through to huge office blocks, exhibition buildings and stadiums.

To remove the layers of dirt and grime that become engrained in the brick, concrete or stonework of a building over time, we use steam cleaning equipment with extendable lances. However, in the case of larger buildings, even with the ability to clean up to 7m from the ground, access can be a problem to provide a full cleaning service.

In this case, we can call on our IPAF and IRATA trained staff to get to those hard to reach areas. When working at height, in many cases we can use access machines to get as close as possible to all areas of a building. All staff using access machines are fully trained by the International Powered Access Federation, allowing us to carry out work thoroughly, cost-effectively and safely.

In the case that a building isn’t suitable for access machinery, for example, high rise office blocks or flats, we employ our IRATA rope access technicians. This provides us a number of benefits, not only allowing us to all areas of a building, but also:

  • Helping us to work at speed
  • Reducing the risk of working at height and increasing safety
  • Helping to reduce total man hours.

Over the last year, we have worked on a number of large projects where access was an issue:

building cleaningHigh Rise Flats in Hounslow, London

In late 2014, on behalf of Hounslow Homes, we provided a complete building cleaning service for a block of high rise flats. Due to the height of the building, in order to steam clean the block from top to bottom, we used our IRATA rope access cleaning system. This allowed two members of our IRATA trained team to abseil the sides of the building from the roof, reaching the complete exterior of the building.

To fully remove the layers of debris that had built up on the sides of the building, our team used a powerful Falch T30 steam cleaning machine to blast away the dirt without compromising the surface of the building.

As this was a residential block of flats, a further benefit of rope access cleaning is that we caused an absolute minimal level of disruption to residents of the flats.

building cleaning DevonThe Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombeaccess machinery

We were asked to provide a full building clean for the Landmark Theatre, an arts and entertainment complex in Ilfracombe, Devon. The theatre building is capable of seating up to 480 people and as a result is too large for our extendable lances to reach all areas.

Whilst we tackled the lower levels of the building from ground level, for surfaces that were too high for us to reach safely, we used specialist access machinery to blast away the dirt and grime, leaving the building looking as good as new.

building cleaning accessBritish Airways Cargo Centre, London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

In January 2015, we were asked to clean the British Airways World Cargo Centre at London Heathrow Airport. Due to the height of the building, we were required to organise access machinery to complete the work in a safe, cost effective and timely fashion. As British Airways is a worldwide known airline, it was important for us to return the World Cargo Centre to its original clean state to provide a good impression to travellers from all over the world and maintain the integrity of the brand. Please click here to see an in progress video of Ramora undertaking the work.

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