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Rope Access: The Best Method of Cleaning Buildings at Height?

by | Jan 16, 2020 | News and Events

Cleaning buildings at height can be a long and extremely dangerous process. With that in mind, it’s important to use the most effective method of access to ensure that you can complete the job successfully and, more importantly, safely.

There are a range of methods that building cleaning professionals use when working at height, but at Ramora we believe that the best method is rope access.

Our building cleaning specialists are IRATA Rope Access Level 3 qualified, which means that they are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to work safely at height.

IRATA, the leading global organisation for rope access, is constantly striving to promote high standards of safety for workers using rope access and their training courses are just one example of this.

Their rope access system is a safe method of working at height, where ropes and safety equipment are used to access the work position and to be supported there.

IRATA rope access

So, what are the advantages of using rope access over other methods, like powered access equipment?

Improved Safety and Speed

The main advantage of using rope access is that you can operate a lot more safely, as it enables you to get to and from difficult locations much easier, without having an impact on other operations.

In addition to this, when you use rope access, your safety isn’t in the hands of a piece of temperamental machinery, which can easily malfunction and put your life at risk.

The idea of using ropes may sound like a dangerous method of working at height and it is if you don’t use safe systems of work.

However, our IRATA certified rope access technicians uphold exceptional standards of safety, as they carry out in-depth planning before undertaking jobs to minimise the risk of injury.

Besides improved safety, using rope access also allows you to work more efficiently, as rope access systems are established and dismantled very quickly compared to other access methods.

Due to the reduced interference with other operations, workers are able to complete projects with little disruption and downtime.

Better Access

Using a rope access system can also provide you with better access to areas that are difficult to reach. Powered access vehicles, which often have limited turning circles, cannot be used to access tight spaces and can only take you to a certain height.


Lastly, rope access can help you to save money on a building cleaning project, as the better access and speed means less man-hours are needed to complete the job.

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To summarise, by using rope access instead of powered access, we are able to carry out building cleaning projects in a more productive and safe manner, saving you money and the worry of somebody getting hurt on your property.

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