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Sanitisation and Decontamination for preventing the spread of COVID-19

by | May 11, 2020 | Deep Cleaning, News and Events

As lockdown continues across the UK, thoughts inevitably turn to how things may be able to get back to some kind of normal.  With a vaccine for COVID-19 some way off, the best approach to getting people back to work safely may be to adopt a prevention rather than cure strategy, and this is where Ramora Facilities Support can help.

We have been busy developing our services and investing in new equipment and techniques that will allow us to sanitise and decontaminate public areas to effectively remove the virus and support people in going about their daily lives.

With our vast experience in the cleaning of streets, building exteriors, car parks and forecourts to draw upon, we have been able to develop a decontamination and sanitisation process that can deep clean up to 150,000m2 in one go, with no disruption and a resulting sterile environment.

How does our decontamination and sanitisation process work?

We firstly decontaminate the area by applying a low concentration of sodium hypochlorite and LAO, which creates a foam to adhere to the surfaces and get to work. We then apply steam at 100 degrees to the area to remove the foam, break up any remaining chemicals and to provide a secondary defence against the virus.

As COVID-19 can persist on surfaces for several hours, or even up to several days depending on the material, our decontamination process provides reassurance that the areas are being protected.

Our decontamination and sanitisation process removes the virus from touched surfaces and areas that people walk on, as germs can also adhere to the sole of the shoes from walking in an infected area, which can then be transferred into the home or workplace.

Where can our deep cleaning process be applied?

We can deep clean and sanitise a wide range of public areas and highly touched surfaces including:

  • Streets – pavements and walkways
  • Outdoor seating – benches and plastic seating
  • Public transport waiting areas – bus shelters and seating
  • Machines – cash machines, parking pay meters 
  • Bins – general waste bins, cigarette bins and dog waste disposal bins
  • Other – railings, road crossing points, petrol pumps and building frontages

We generally carry out our work in the evenings and out of hours, as even during these quieter periods of lockdown, it assures minimal disruption and supports social distancing.

Find out more

To find out more about what we are doing to help the UK get back to business, you can read

about a recent decontamination and sanitisation project we carried out for MFG, to create a sterile environment at a petrol forecourt in London.

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