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Stone Cleaning: The Importance of Chemical-Free Cleaning for Heritage Buildings

by | Mar 13, 2020 | News and Events

During the typical British weather, heritage buildings can quickly become drenched in debris and grime. However, with their immense historical value you cannot afford to provide improper care. With gentle chemical free stone cleaning, you can preserve heritage buildings, while providing a thorough clean.

Explore the importance of this when carrying out stone cleaning in our blog below.

Surface Protection

Abrasive cleaning involves removing soils, coatings and discolouration from surfaces. If this method of cleaning is used on heritage buildings, it could cause paintwork and natural colourings to wash away and lose important elements of the overall aesthetic.

In addition to visual damage, abrasive cleaning could physically damage the condition of heritage buildings. Whether made of brick or stone, abrasive cleaning can attack the exterior surface, making it vulnerable to weathering and deterioration, sacrificing it’s value and public appeal as a result.

Environmental Benefits

Cleaning products containing chemicals can also be abrasive during stone cleaning, putting the condition of heritage buildings at risk.

Furthermore, rinsing away chemical cleaning products can have a negative effect on plants and wildlife. Toxic chemicals that infiltrate a water or food source could potentially be fatal for wildlife and plant life.

Instead, our stone cleaning involves skating the surfaces at a temperature and pressure which is appropriate for the surface being cleaned. This allows debris to be lifted and washed away without the use of chemicals, to protect heritage buildings and the surrounding land.

Preserving the Heritage

Heritage buildings are of extremely high value, to be preserved in every way. This will help to historical tales live on through beautiful buildings for the public to enjoy. For many people, heritage buildings are of high significance to the local community.

Therefore, teams should be cautious of the care they carry out to maintain every piece of historical significance. Otherwise, it can deteriorate a historical monument and be costly in repairs and refurbishments.

Chemical free stone cleaning can provide safe and effective care which you can rely on. Plus, with heaps of experience in this area, you can work closely with the Ramora team to schedule routine stone cleaning and receive advice on additional care.

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Stone Cleaning Services

At Ramora we offer chemical free stone cleaning to protect the condition of your site. Our specialist team take extra care with heritage buildings to maintain their condition, while refreshing their look. With a range of exterior cleaning services available, we are here to help on a range of cleaning projects.

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