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Street Cleaning Demo for Soho Road BID – Handsworth, Birmingham

by | May 7, 2015 | News and Events

street cleaningRamora recently undertook a street cleaning demo project for Soho Road BID, in the Handsworth area of Birmingham. Soho Road BID (Business Improvement District) is an initiative that aims to improve the image, business interest and appeal of the area. With the pathways along Soho Road badly in need of a steam clean, our team were able to demonstrate our range of street cleaning services and help brighten up the street.

street cleaningOver a period of time, it is understandable that a busy street with a heavy footfall sees a quick build-up of dirt and grime compared to quieter streets. For this reason, it is important that busy streets like Soho Road receive a deep clean several times a year as the pathways can quickly get dirty as a result of the masses of pedestrians, weather and littering.

deep cleaningWith our team of highly experienced street cleaning operators and a range of specialist steam generating equipment, Ramora is the leading provider of street cleaning services in the United Kingdom. Often working with local authorities and BID companies throughout Britain, we can provide deep cleaning for streets using only steam, helping us to avoid any adverse effects on the environment.deep cleaning

In most cases, we aim to carry out our street cleaning services after working hours; not only to prevent disruption to businesses in the area, but also to ensure greater health and safety conditions by avoiding working in a busy area full of pedestrians.

By carefully determining the right combination of temperature and pressure, we can use our specialist deep cleaning equipment to leave block paving, paving slabs and concrete pathways looking as good as new. Depending on the level of dirt, we can use lances, or specialist skater equipment to not only blast away all dirt, but to remove any discarded litter and chewing gum that may have become attached to the ground.

For our demonstration project for Soho Road BID, we carried out a deep cleaning of the pavements to help show businesses and consumers in the area the difference that a regular steam clean can make. By removing dirt, grime, chewing gum and other litter, the appearance of the Soho Road footpaths are much improved, helping to considerably improve the image of the area and generate more business interest and appeal.

Ramora are proud to have worked with Soho Road BID to help improve the image of the area for local businesses and consumers. By helping to create a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing street, Soho Road BID can hope to increase the appeal of the Handsworth area of Birmingham.


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