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Street Cleaning in Bruntwood, Manchester

by | May 5, 2016 | News and Events

street cleaningRamora currently carry out routine intensive street cleaning services in the Bruntwood district of Manchester, near Piccadilly. Bruntwood is a busy area near Piccadilly Gardens, a popular green space in Manchester city centre.  To ensure that pedestrians have a pleasant experience as possible when visiting the area, we provide a deep clean of the public walkways and paved areas every six months.

IMG_2606Situated between the busy Spinningfields, Deansgate and Northern Quarter areas of Manchester, the Bruntwood district has a heavy footfall as there are plenty of attractions, shops, restaurants, bars and pubs in a close vicinity. As a result, many people visit the area each day of the week, so it is no surprise that the streets can get dirty over time.

IMG_2605Using only steam at 100 degrees Celsius, we are able to blast away the surface dirt that builds up on paving stones over time. Whenever possible, we avoid using chemicals as they can cause damages to the surface materials, as well as posing greater risks in terms of health and safety, and the environment.

Chewing gum is a problem in many busy urban areas, with many people choosing to spit it out on to the floor each day rather than wrapping it up and binning it. By using high temperature steam cleaning technology, we are able to fully remove chewing gum and other more stubborn stains and debris, helping to leave the streets appearing much cleaner and free of litter.

IMG_2607By providing thorough street cleaning services for the Bruntwood district twice yearly, we are committed to helping to raise the profile of this busy area. Cleaner streets help to make the area a much more pleasant place for locals, commuters and tourists of Manchester city centre.

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