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The Big Street Clean for Wolverhampton

by | Sep 17, 2018 | News and Events

Situated in central England, the city of Wolverhampton is home to more than 210,000 people. Here at Ramora, our team recently carried out a project on behalf of Wolverhampton city council, to complete street cleaning work on Dudley street, Queens Square and Market Street.


These three locations all surround Wolverhampton’s busiest shopping area, meaning a lot of heavy footfall, a lot of road traffic and a lot of leftover dirt and grime as a result. When this happens, it can begin to stick to pavements and build up over time if not cleared correctly. This can therefore make the pavements dull in colour and degrade the whole look of the shopping centre – which isn’t good when you are trying to attract visitors.

Our team got to work by skating 100 degree steam across all surfaces to allow the dirt to easily loosen and wash away. Among the debris washed away was discarded chewing gum, which had glued itself to public footpaths.

Wolverhampton street clean

Our cleaning processes are chemical free – we only use steam. This means that there are no COSHH issues involved, nor environmental implications as we remove stubborn chewing gum from your pavements. The combination of the right temperature and pressure is highly effective at clearing away dirt, gum and stains for a clear pavement that looks like new.

At Ramora, our team of well-trained cleaning operatives deploy the best practise solutions while abiding to the highest environmental standards and health and safety regulations. Our street cleaning services cover car parks, subway and street cleaning, in addition to chewing gum and graffiti removal. We also offer building cleaning, forecourt cleaning and maintenance and repair services to keep your properties in the best shape possible.

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