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Two Night Deep Cleansing Programme for Retail Birmingham

by | Mar 3, 2017 | News and Events

In January, we carried out an intensive two night deep cleansing programme on behalf of Retail Birmingham. Between late November and the New Year, Birmingham is extremely busy with Christmas shoppers and of course, visitors to the Frankfurt Christmas Market that stretches across part of the city centre.

Our task was to restore the paving stones on the Grand Central ramp, either side of the tram line that runs along New Street and around the Town Hall. During the Frankfurt Christmas Market, this area of the city centre is subject to extremely heavy footfall. Food and drinks are served on the streets from a number of different stalls, so dropped food, discarded chewing gum, drink spillages and litter are inevitable.

As food and drink is dropped all over the pavements, and then trodden into the ground each night for a month, the results are that the pavements get badly stained, hence the need for intensive street cleaning services come January.

As specialists in deep street cleansing, our team of trained and experienced experts used steam generating equipment to blast away the marks of the Christmas rush. By determining the required combination of steam temperature and pressure, as well as washing away the layers of trodden in dirt, we were also able to tackle all traces of food and drink staining and stubborn chewing gum.

As is often the case when we work in popular city centre locations, we carried out all street cleaning work at night, outside of business hours. As a result, our work caused an absolute minimal level of disruption to businesses and passers-by in the area. After two night shifts of work, our team were satisfied that they had returned the paving stones of the Grand Central ramp, alongside the New Street tram lines and around the Town Hall, back to their correct appearance.

We are proud to regularly work with Retail Birmingham, contributing towards making Birmingham a pleasant place for locals, commuters and visitors. If you have a deep cleaning project that you are in need of assistance with, be sure to call Ramora today on 0844 800 2428.


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