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What Makes Ramora Unique?

by | May 11, 2020 | Deep Cleaning, News and Events

As we fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which has had a significant effect on much of the world and has forced to change our daily lives, it is clear that as we start to move back into normality, that it will certainly be a new kind of normal, with more focus on cleaning and sanitisation than ever before.

At Ramora Facilities Support, we have moved into a focus on deep cleaning, decontamination and sanitisation, to help ensure clean and virus-free public areas. In order for us to be able to ease the current lockdown, we are operating on the belief that prevention is better than the cure.

Let’s focus on what it is that makes Ramora unique in the mission to decontaminate and sanitise to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


In order to kill COVID-19 and any other germs, in our decontamination process, we combine a low concentration of sodium hypochlorite and LAO to create a foam, which is then sprayed over highly touched areas, for example, cash machines, zebra crossings, bus shelters, car park pay machines, railings, petrol pumps, and business frontages.

Safety practices

To ensure the health and safety of our workers, our teams operate on a one person per van basis, and adhere to safe social distancing in the work area. In addition to these measures, our operatives are also equipped with high quality PPE, including face masks, goggles, coveralls, gloves and boots.

Adapted equipment and steam capability

As well as changing our practices to provide an essential decontamination, sanitisation and deep cleaning service, we have adapted our equipment to allow us to do this.

One of the key factors that sets Ramora apart is our Falch T30 stream pressure washing ability. These machines decontaminate by spraying foam through a lance, before then delivering water as steam at high pressure and temperature to wash away the chemicals and kill any remaining virus through a temperature of 100 degrees. 

Our fleet operates eight Falch T30 steam pressure washing machines nationally, helping to keep towns and cities around the UK safe.

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