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Why is Graffiti Removal So Important?

by | Dec 9, 2016 | News and Events

Graffiti is an act of vandalism unfortunately seen in shopping areas and public spaces throughout the UK, and it can cause a lot more damage than might at first be expected. As well as cleaning costs for local authorities, unwanted graffiti degrades property and makes the area appear unclean or abandoned, which could lead to losses for the businesses affected.

Shopping centres such as Arndale in Manchester, have to undergo frequent graffiti removal to prevent these damaging costs. Arndale is a key shopping centre in Manchester and one of the largest in the UK, with 41 million visitors annually. It’s vital to ensure that these visitors feel the centre and its surroundings to be pleasant, clean and safe, which is why we have been employed to carry out a regular graffiti removal service.

The superiority of environmentally-friendly graffiti removal

Although painting over graffiti may seem to be the cheaper option, there are a number of problems that occur which could make the process costlier than graffiti removal:

• Graffiti is hard to cover up, and finding an exact match for the existing paint colour could be very difficult. Having a different coloured patch over the graffiti may look even less attractive, especially if the graffiti still shows through.
• In this case it would be better to repaint the entire wall or area, yet this will quickly become costly and does not guarantee that the graffiti will not bleed through.

A professional graffiti removal service is a more cost-effective and the best way to ensure that staining is completely cleaned away without damage to the property. We use specialist removal techniques tools depending on the type of surface being cleaned, and deploy the best practice solutions for each area.

Our highly skilled operatives work nationwide to effectively remove graffiti in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. It’s our aim to work quickly, and at convenient times, to ensure that minimal disruption is caused to surrounding businesses. For centres such as Arndale our graffiti removal service is vital to improve its reputation and visitor relationships, and sustain manageable maintenance costs.

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