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Why to Call In the Experts for Warehouse Dilapidations

by | Feb 9, 2016 | News and Events

Ramora are experts in warehouse dilapidations services, returning both external and internal surfaces to their original state.

As many warehouses are rented or leased, part of the lease agreement is usually that a warehouse space must be returned to its original condition when the lease expires. For a building as big as a warehouse, dilapidations cleaning is too large, difficult and dangerous a job to complete without the help of a specialist building cleaning company.

Here are some of the problems that you may face in warehouse cleaning:

Sheer size

The sheer size of a warehouse space makes cleaning it sufficiently a difficult and lengthy job without the right expertise and equipment. Warehouse cleaning professionals use industrial steam cleaning technology to provide a thorough clean of all areas – the high pressure of the steam breaks down dirt quickly and easily, making the task simpler and quicker.

Working at height

As well as cleaning the floor, warehouse dilapidations will often call for cleaning all walls and ceiling surfaces. As warehouses are almost always high ceiling buildings, performing a thorough clean is not only unsafe, but often impossible without the right equipment and expertise for working at height. At Ramora, our team are IRATA Rope Access level 3 qualified, allowing us to provide extensive cleaning services even where access is difficult, in minimal man hours.

warehouse dilapidations

Tough stains

Commonly, warehouses have large openings to allow for vehicles to enter for deliveries or pick-ups. The problem with this is that tyre marks and oil stains can be extremely stubborn and difficult to remove without professional level cleaning equipment. Ramora can provide steam cleaning services to address even the toughest stains.


Another common problem for warehouses and factory buildings is that birds are able to enter easily through large openings. The rafters of warehouses provide a seemingly safe place for birds to nest and roost, however, bird faeces can be a big problem. Not only is it unsanitary, but it can be very stubborn to clean away. Professional building cleaners can use access methods to properly clean all possible nesting or roosting spaces as well as floors and walls that are affected by bird waste.

Different surfaces

Different surfaces are notoriously more challenging to clean and a warehouse will often feature a varied combination of surfaces, including brick, concreate, metal, wood, painted surfaces and internal and external cladding. To clean all surfaces without causing damage, it’s always advisable to call in the experts.

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